On April the 22nd, the UCLA community, joined by individuals who traveled from as far away as Oregon and Texas,
finally stood up to the
mounting violence directed against them by animal rights extremists and declared that
mounted a group of fewer than 40 protesters, the
pro-research rally quickly swelled to nearly 700 students, staff,
professors, friends and members of the Los Angeles community. Their t-shirts boldly declared their intention to
"Stand up for Science" and their many signs and placards made mentions of family members whose lives were
saved through live-saving interventions designed, first, through humane, regulated use of animals in research
laboratories. Marching through campus, the rally attendees chanted their support for research that will do doubt
lead to cures for cancer, HIV-AIDS and other serious forms of disability. Comments from UCLA Executive Vice
Chancellor Scott Waugh, Medical School Dean Gerald Levey, Professors David Jentsch and Lynn Fairbanks,
Cedar-Sinai veterinarian Dr. John Young and Emcee Tom Holder of
Speakingofresearch.com and Protest UK all
high-lighted the ethical nature of biomedical research involving animals, its profound benefits to humankind and
animals alike and the careful procedures that ensure the use of animals cannot be refined, replaced or reduced
and that animal welfare is always attended to.

The day was capped off by the announcement of the
Pro-Test Petition, which allows individuals around the world to
declare their support of humane animal research and their repudiation of the use of violence by animal rights
groups to end it.

The pictures and video snippets below offer the opportunity to experience this profound experience which marked
the rise of scientific activism in Southern California and the real birth of Pro-test for Science.

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